Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Space..... Is Freakin' Lame....

I know, I know...... I'm being negative again... throwing up crap I hate or think is stupid, but its really no fun for me to put up stuff thats "nice" and "fluffy", its too boring....

Anyhow, we recently put up a My Space for our low budget movie and I was asked to put up a My Space Profile as well.. I resisted, but finally caved in and am deeply ashamed of myself cause...

It sucks.

I really didn't want to delegate one neuron of thought or 2 calories of effort to this retarded form of communication cause it truly would be a waste of a neuron...

Maybe it's this "Generation Gap"thing, I'm freakin' too old and I just don't get how "wonderful" My Space truly is...

Hey, is it just me or does it seem like anyone and everyone on MySpace could have been an extra on the Fast And The Furious? My Space just dominates all other blog formats, which is a pretty scary thought . That means the U.S. has truly become what I have been fearing for so long............ Vin Diesel Nation... YIKES!

And you wonder how Saw 2 and Another Date Movie lead the box office earnings week after week.

I guess I'm just partial to Blogger and can't believe how My Space is so popular cause it is so really, really weak ass... Its like a simplified email for morons, but I think I figured out why its so special..... it has "pictures"! whoa....

Check it out, these are real conversations (one-way) taken directly from My Space. I like to read My Space for its comedic value...

guy - hey girl, where you been, why you not be callin' me

here's another classic......

girl - hey hooker...where have yo ass been?...your not even on myspace any more what's up with that?

somebody has to archive these forever in cyberspace, so 1000 years from now they can see what an intelligent existence we be!

anyways, you get the point... lets just say they're not hurting the curve in any of the upper division Physics and Literature courses. I'm desperately trying to disassociate myself with My Moron Space as soon as possible, but because this is a "True" reflection of our current society it keeps sucking me back indirectly like cell phones, atm's, krispy kreme, and denny's does... I'm not saying Blogger or Typepad is way better( it really is though) , but the people that use these formats can actually form a thought and write a "sentence"... wow.... how'bout that a sentence!............ you hooker!

Youngsters.... Quit ditching your high school English classes! Learn grammar, sentence structure, and basic addition and subtraction! That way you don't f@#k up my grilled chicken sandwich order at Mc Ghettos again...

We're doomed. This is the new generation and sad to say, I don't see my drive through orders improving in quality these coming decades....

I concede.

Vin Diesel.......... you win.

Now take the rest of the country quickly, but do me one favor. In the new society, please mandate the hoochie highlights for easy identification. thanks Vin.

And apologies to the My Spacer's offended by this post, I know I'm pretty insensitive, but I honestly care for your well being and direction in life.

My Space ....a mind is terrible thing to waste......


Blogger cecilia said...

I love the way you write! you are soo funny!

5:11 PM  
Blogger rick james said...

ces! miss ya!

you must be beat... you should call mary for a massage... like now!
tell me all bout the festival girl!

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Kirk said...

DCCF - Hey, really funny. I for the life of me can't figure out what My Space is really good for - but it's probably because I'm closer to Hip Replacement, then Hip.

9:15 AM  
Blogger yoony said...

there are some serious idiots on myspace. always "hey cutie, want to be my friend?" [why the f"ck would i want to add you add my friend?!]

12:11 PM  
Blogger rick james said...


yeah, this is just my theory, but i think its gonna die down (fad city)... afterall you can only say "hey hooker what up?" so many times be4 it gets old... true blogs will hold maintain its longevity...


you are a freakin' crack up!!!

but, hey i don't know why you don't want to add mr. child pornographer reader as your friend??? he might buy you a snickers !!!

12:53 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

HAHa...I feel you bro. My Space's format is archaic. It just looks horrible. All my favorite hip hop artists have their own My Space, and I still don't like going through all that mess.

9:25 PM  
Blogger eatdrinknbmerry said...

Random chili cheese fries burrito, i feel your sentiments. i think the majority of people use it as a modern 'dating tool'. really it's for the socially inept. in my case, i use it to harass my friends with meaningless comments to really show that i regard them as a friend. everybody likes attention right? to me, that's so worth it to sign up haha.

and to those STUPID guys that pose without a shirt in their bathrooms and straight-brimmed hats, i certainly hope you do not die as a virgin.

DCCF, nice posting bud.

1:48 AM  
Blogger yoony said...

ooh i like snickers. when i was a wee girl in korea my grandmother used to bring boxes of em as presents. so i was pretty obsessed with snickers when i moved to the states. i think i may have to add a myspace friend.

7:55 AM  
Blogger rick james said...

jeni, ednbm,

MS is not blogging, its bentencing and most of the time they're just bragmenting.

anyways, i think its a good outlet for the gang members and guys without t-shirts to expend energy on the net trying to form sentences instead of robbing liquor stores and donut shops... i just won't add any "friends".. lol


add the pedophiles for chocolate!!!
no price too high for a snickers!! lol..

8:03 PM  
Blogger Daily Gluttony said...


Wanna be my MySpace friend?

ha ha! just kidding.

yeah, soooo many pimps & ho's are into that $hit and i don't know why. i guess we are too old to understand. ;)

7:17 AM  
Blogger rick james said...


when "its hard out here for a pimp" won an academy award for best song, i just took it as another sign of the coming of Armageddon...

stupidity is running rampant and you can't stop it!! were all doooomed!!!

1:05 PM  
Blogger ChristianZ said...

I don't know what the deal is with MySpace either but it's not the service's fault that the majority of people who use it act stupid. And it also seems like there were other ways to have free space on the net before MySpace came along.

2:37 PM  
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