Sunday, June 25, 2006

M.I.A. - When life beats you down like a stepchild

so... its been a while.

i signed up for the "take on as much bullshit as you can and get your ass kicked plan" about a month ago. needless to say... its kicking my ass...

been swamped. trying to finish not one, but two freakin' screenplays and a whole bunch of other nonsense. computer got all virused up, spit up and died, set me back three weeks..... BTW, trying to communicate at the local internet cafe just doesn't work either, so those of you thinking about skimping on the PC for your next business plan, i'd strongly advise against it. throw in a weddding, some house remodeling and the value of time has just gone from 1 dollar a gallon to like $3.50 gallon...

BOTTOM LINE : Mr. Blog pays the price and gets neglected like the poor stepchild it is.

You know... you always wonder what happened to those "dead" blogs that have a consistent monthly history from December 2003 to April 2005 and then all of a sudden nothing...its like they were just sucked up in some freakin' vacuum and sent to write on Alderann or something... Maybe someone should come up with a "Blog Graveyard" and like host dead blogs of random people..

anyways, i'm sure they all probably got overwhelmed by the bitch called life. received a major ass kickin and weren't able to step back up to the plate again ( i guess it is kinda like getting a Goose Gossage fastball to the head or something, you never know if you can come back from it)

Anyways, not sure myself if i'm back or not... mind is blown... tired

One thing for sure though, i'm really happy that i made the decision to get a Blog instead of a golden retreiver, cause right about now, that dog's ribs would even make Nicole Richie look like a model of health... yikes..

Moral of the story: Don't Get Your Ass Kicked

blogging is therapeutic, but since i'm writing all freakin' day and night now its not that fun... eating one hamburger is nice, eating 13 of em is another story... hmmm..

Friday, June 02, 2006

Go Check out CAVITE - Support Asian Am Filmmaking

I met these guys at the L.A. Asian Film Fest..

Go check out Cavite or more updates to be posted at

  • This movie was made by 2 guys, thats it... for 7 thousand dollars and its better than most of the crap out there...

    By Michael Joshua Rowin

    There’s independent filmmaking, and then there’s independent filmmaking. Cavite fully exemplifies the latter. San Diego natives, high-school friends, and Philippino-American filmmakers Neill Dela Llana and Ian Gamazon produced and directed their devastating political thriller/travelogue (which they also wrote) on a miniscule budget($7,000 dollars), a two-man crew comprised of themselves, a guerilla-style shoot through the slums and streets of the film’s title city, and the selling of their equipment on eBay to complete postproduction. The result is a realistic crime drama that transcends its generic origins to engage in some astute political commentary. Gamazon himself plays Adam, a young man who journeys to the Philippines for his father’s funeral only to confront another nightmare—the kidnapping of his mother and sister. Forced to bow to the demands of a political radical who once worked with his father, Adam navigates Cavite, where he not only attempts to save his family but is brought face to face with the third-world squalor and the conditions that have wrought the human extremity and cruelty he now suffers. The film has been generating a deserved buzz after screenings at the Rotterdam Film Festival, L.A. Film Festival, and New Directors/New Films. I spoke with Mr. Llana and Mr. Gamazon, both energetic and good-humored (and avid readers of Reverse Shot, as I found out), at the Landmark Theater offices in Manhattan.


    go support these guys... thanks