Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Making Judgements About People...

uuuuuuuh... just watch it and then decide if this guy should be allowed to reproduce...

  • Randumb Asian Guy

    Blogger jackt said...

    hahah that's the funniest shit i've seen in a long time. i don't think you need to worry about him reproducing- those rockets probably scorched all the sperm in his scrotum. hilarious.

    11:16 PM  
    Blogger Oishii Eats said...

    DCCF...WOW...I just wanted to say congratulations on your film. I really really enjoyed it. I loved the dialogue and the food/Depeche Mode references! OOOH...so proud of you!!!

    8:24 AM  
    Blogger e d b m said...

    That guy needs to meet women. In the end, the logo says "Chiseen"... which is "you're crazy" in Cantonese.

    4:17 PM  
    Blogger Ron Oda said...

    hey jack, been mia for a while.. how was the boat ride???

    jeni, thanks for the support... you are the bomb! that's such a weak phrase, but i use it... ;p

    ednbm... welcome back man!!
    countdown to okonomiyaki/tako yaki withdrawal begins now...

    8:37 PM  
    Blogger jackt said...

    hahaha i can't believe you remembered my reason for not making the l.a. premier! there was a ridiculously loud white reggae rap band playing, but all in all was nice to hang out on balboa for a change.

    much regret missing the movie though- we considered speeding up to catch it in time, but we didn't know if it was sold out, and i had a few too many beers in me so we played it safe and stayed at the party.

    12:30 AM  
    Blogger e d b m said...

    hey i still haven't received the dvd man! jeni told me great things. congrats on a success DCCF.

    12:51 PM  
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