Monday, April 10, 2006

Spamku and Redneck Bar Scene - From Asian Stories Book 3

hey all... check it out... here are some scenes from the movie we'll be premiering at the L.A. Asian Film Festival next month.

love it, share it....... adopt em'



Director's Guild in Hollywood
Address: 7920 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Charge: N/A but probably $9~10

Ticket Details to be posted at
  • VC Film Festival Info

  • or more updates to be posted at
  • Asian Stories Movie

  • Thanks for Supporting Independent Film!


    Blogger Neil said...

    I checked this out on YouTube. Wow, it looks amazingly good. I'll try to check it out when it's at the DGA. The best of luck with it. (You better rush getting that sound mix done!)

    8:49 PM  
    Blogger jackt said...

    hahaha just saw the clips. "there was a chinese dude at the sporting goods store...do you know him?" hahahhaha!

    (no, but i know some fat ugly people across the street- you know *them*???).

    effin hilarious. =)

    9:03 PM  
    Blogger rick james said...

    hi neil, jack,

    glad you liked the clips... this movie is seriously whacked, i outta know cause it came straight from my whacked bucket..

    well, at least it won't be boooring...

    9:40 PM  
    Anonymous Kirk said...

    Hey DCCF - Too funny! I enjoyed the Spamku as well.

    7:16 AM  
    Blogger Daily Gluttony said...

    Hey DCCF,

    Awesome! I guess this makes up for you never coming over & previewing Asian Stories w/ me & Isaac over JITB tacos. We'll definitely be there to cheer you on...see you in May!

    2:22 PM  
    Blogger Passionate Eater said...

    Great film clips! I just wanted to let you know (since I'm yelling it from the high heavens) but the O.C. just cast Asians!!! Look at this! No more shows like 90210, Melrose Place, Saved by the Bell, or etc.! Asians are infiltrating Hollywood!

    3:07 PM  
    Blogger rick james said...

    hey p.e!

    we're hoping our movie can break through to mainstream, but its really rough out there...

    if you're down in L.A. that week of May 7th, try and make it to the premiere!


    9:06 AM  
    Blogger rick james said...

    hey kirk, dg,

    i must be ODing on folgers crystals again, missed your comments.. sorry . Thanks for the all the support, you guys are great!!

    Spmaku and the Redneck Bar are two of my favorite scenes in the movie...

    9:09 AM  
    Blogger Jeni said...

    Hey DCCF...I'm hoping to make it May 7!

    6:49 PM  
    Blogger rick james said...

    thanks jeni!

    thanks for the support!

    do you know Thomas Apartment? they went to UCLA and did most of the soundtrack for the movie?

    we're using one of their songs on the trailer on the website

    7:14 PM  
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